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Heatwave: Tips for an efficient, happy summer & latest news

This June’s heatwave has meant record breaking temperatures across the UK. The extreme heat has been bad news for a lot of businesses.


The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 says that employers must maintain a reasonable temperature for staff. Although there is no set temperature specified, we’ve all seen staff struggle to work in the heatwave of recent weeks.


Despite the heatwave, offices across the country still have no air conditioning system to keep staff cool or have old systems that are out of date and not meeting current government regulations. Luckily, our engineers have been on hand all year 24/7 to respond to our customers as quickly as possible when the need help. We are a very busy company with the warm weather spell; sending engineers to reactive call-outs and assessing the needs of new customers.


heatwave air conditioning old

Old air-conditioning systems don’t even look nice.


Furthermore, if you’d like more information on our reliable, maintenance contracts, you can view our Gold, Silver and Bronze maintenance packages here that help ensure your peace of mind.


Here are our top 3 tips for keeping the workplace efficient and happy through the summer:






What’s new at Air Environmental?


We’ve had to strip out and replace the main AHU at British Gas, Leeds. It supplies conditioned fresh air to the 1,000+ call centre staff. The unit comprised of the latest, most efficient heat recovery system (thermal wheel) to reduce energy consumption costs and with the latest energy saving inverta driven fans.


Two more staff members have joined the team at Air Environmental. This is due to the direct expansion of the service and maintenance division after we were awarded the Sheffield Council contract.


Phase 4, the final phase of our biggest air conditioning order will be completed by the end of the month and all phases have been delivered to our exact programme with zero defects; we are one happy and proud management team.


We are thrilled to have been awarded the Rotherham council maintenance contract again for another 5 years. Well done to all of our engineers who have worked hard to achieve such a great result.


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