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HCFC Phase Out

Under the Motreal protocol (EC/1005/2009), EU member states must meet their obligations to halt the damage of the ozone layer, with bans and restrictions for use on the most harmful ozone depleting substances.


Refrigerants such as R22 were banned in 2001 (2004 for small air conditioning systems).

The two key phase-out dates are :


(After the end of 2009 it is also illegal to stockpile any banned HCFCs)



The ban on the use of virgin HCFC gases represents a very real business threat to any company that uses refrigerants like R22 or R408A in their processes or air conditioning systems.

R22 remains one of the most commonly used refrigerants in the UK so many organisations are going to be affected.


A.E.L. are able to ensure you meet all current legislation, and are able to put together a full asset register, identifying systems which do not comply. We are able to put together a phase out and replace solution for all your refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

Replacement will also impact on your company’s energy efficiency as more modern equipment will be more energy efficient.

A service and maintenance contract will maintain your equipment to current F gas regulations and produce an on-site F gas log.

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