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Community Sponsorship: John’s Motorbike Adventures

Community sponsorship is important to us. If you’ve been following our updates on social media and on our website, you’ll know that over the last few months, we have been supporting John Oliver, a fifty-something, motorbike enthusiast who builds and rides motorbikes.


With Air Environmental’s help through community-focused sponsorship, he’s been on a winning streak and there looks to be an exciting future in store for him and his team.


Community Sponsorship: Here’s John’s latest update (June 2017):

“After a great start to the season on a new bike supported by the fabulous Air Environmental through their community involvement, there was a bit of horror as the track we use for the series had some issues with their Management Company going into liquidation with debts to the tune of £2m!!! Gates locked and the club I race with had paid several thousands in deposits for race days.


“The position at the moment is that there are temporary arrangements meaning the 8/9th of July meeting will go ahead. So full steam ahead with the new bike supplied by Air Environmental!! Yes another!!! Meaning at some point we will have 2 riders in the team, hoping to get some young newcomer to have a go and see how they do against the old man!!


“The bikes we use are modern 125 4 stroke road bikes which have been restricted to 12bhp, which happened around 1983. The new bike is pre-restriction and was a whopping 17bhp!!!! Hopefully it will handle and stop well enough. It was a bit sorry for itself when it arrived so I quickly stripped it and had some bits coated to make them pretty and less rusty!! It is now slowly coming.


“The next race is a 2 day event on the 8th and 9th of July at 3 Sisters race circuit Wigan. The new bike will hopefully ensure I become champion as it’s much faster than the modern bikes everyone else is using.


“We are already a superb racing team (Johnny Sausage Racing….don’t ask!!!) with proper pit facilities and crew…and fans but a 2nd rider will add to the fun and drama.


“I train daily riding huge motorcycles at work so I am always “match fit”. I have been dieting but haven’t eaten enough donuts to hit my target weight yet!!!


“I am currently second in the championship only 2 points behind the leader and hopefully will be on the pace enough to keep with the rest of the field on the #1 bike.”

community sponsorship motorbike business

John with his new bike.

Community sponsorship is important for us as a business and we like to know that a little bit of help for a small project like this can go a long way for others. We are looking forward to John’s next race and wish him all the best with the building of his second bike.


If you’d like more information on how John is getting on or about our community involvement, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Or e-mail:

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