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April: Development, Sponsorship & New Contracts

April is over and summer is fast approaching. For Air Environmental and the team, warmer weather always means we are busier than ever keeping our current clients’ cool, their staff happy and their businesses running as efficiently as possible. It also means that we are welcoming new clients for repairs, installations and full designs of new air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems.

We are also developing our services and enjoying our community involvement. Here are some updates for this month:  

Remotely Efficient & Paperless

We pride ourselves on being as efficient as possible for our clients so that when they appoint us, we don’t waste time with unnecessary paperwork or travel. Thanks to our use of CLIK operating software being rolled out to all of our engineers working across the UK, our engineers have iPads which enable them to handle everything remotely. The system has also proved a huge step towards our ultimate goal of being a paperless office.

Another New Contract

We are pleased to have started our new contract with Sheffield City Council working with them on the maintenance of their buildings and schools.

On-Going Work

We have just completed phase 2 and 3 out of 4 in our planned programme for our biggest air conditioning contract to date.

We have just completed a strip out and replacement of a major air handling unit for the hotel group giant Mercure and look forward to updating further on this later.

The ventilation department have secured two major orders for British Gas, which includes the replacement of a large air handling unit and associated ductwork modifications. This unit supplies conditioned air to 1000 employees. We are also on with the replacement of an external kitchen extraction system using a modern energy efficient fan unit.

Our Apprenticeship Scheme

At Air Environmental, we pride ourselves hugely on our apprenticeship scheme where we’ve helped some very promising young people become excellent engineers. One such young member of the team, Michael Lomas, aged 18, has just had an internal transfer from our ventilation department to the ever expanding air-conditioning service and maintenance department with a view to start an apprenticeship later on this year. This includes a one day release college placement and we know that with our help, he’ll make a very fine engineer.

 apprenticeship scheme

Community Sponsorship Support

We are proud to say that John Oliver has won his first victory this weekend at The Three Sisters Race Circuit in Bryn. Well done to John and his team, we are glad to be sponsoring such an inspiration to the local community.

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