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Air Quality: As Pollution Rises, Workplaces Need Fresh Air

This year, air quality statistics in the UK have lead to a number of public health warnings. Quality air conditioning in the work place is not just about keeping the air cool or at the right temperature. In the UK, many cities experience higher levels of CO2 than legal levels meaning that the air quality outside is a danger to public health.

That is why at Airenvironmental, we are dedicated to repairing, installing and maintaining quality and efficient air movement systems. Our engineers work hard to ensure that many commercial premises including schools and multi-residential buildings have filtered fresh air systems to help increase the productivity of workers and the health of residents. High CO2 readings in buildings can relate to sick building syndrome for those inside where there is poor air quality and no fresh air input.

We have designed air quality systems controlled by CO2 sensors that allow a continuous trickle of fresh air input, boosting settings when CO2 builds up indoors meaning that occupants are never exposed to higher than safe levels of toxic gases.

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Some of our work delivering fresh air and ventilation to buildings. 2016.

An analysis commissioned by the Labour party earlier this year indicated that a staggering 59% of Brits live in an area where diesel pollution outside threatens the health of inhabitants, that’s almost 40 million people who are affected. Levels of the nitrogen dioxide pollutant are above legal limits and so the improvement of indoor air quality have become an important factor in the way modern businesses operate.

Many of the buildings surrounded by illegal levels of toxic pollutants found on some roads are nurseries, schools and further education centres, which makes the issue a huge problem for educational establishments wanting to keep the health of their children and young people a priority.

At Airenvironmental, air quality is important to us and we have been delivering fresh air and air conditioning systems across the UK for the last 20 years, ensuring that the businesses and educational establishments that they work with are more aligned with current regulations and efficiency targets.

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Some of our work installing air-conditioning to buildings. 2015.

“Overall public health and well-being are of paramount importance to us. That’s why earlier this year, we were pleased to announce that we’d become a remote office and entirely paperless, massively reducing our own carbon footprint,” says Richard Hepworth, Director of Airenvironmental.

“We also encourage businesses that we work with to become more efficient by letting us install modern, up-to-date systems that help them reduce their own carbon footprints and save them money in the long run, also helping to improve air quality in their areas. Older systems can be inefficient and as a result, costly and difficult to maintain and repair. We have installed new systems that meet regulations and enable businesses to keep their staff happier and healthier,” he added.

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