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Health and Safety for all employees at Airenvironmental Ltd is taken very seriously and a zero-tolerance system is within our company policy to ensure that all staff work safely within their working environment, meeting all current HSE guidelines.


All staff must be able to demonstrate that they have the skills, knowledge and experience and have the organisational capability to carry out the work safely and without risk to health, to themselves or other employees.


Airenvironmental Ltd have written procedures in place to maintain conformity to all guidelines set by the Health and Safety Executive. As a company, we strictly inform and educate all employees from administration staff to engineers to work safely in their working environment. This includes:


  • An extensive training framework, not only for current certification for engineers to work with certain machines with the correct training, but also to expand the engineers’ knowledge of all aspects of situations that may arise within their working day. The engineers are educated to work only with equipment that they are fully trained to use and our training matrix ensures no certificates will run out of date without a further training course booked before expiration.


  • To make 100% sure Airenvironmental are always working to all the latest guidelines issued by the HSE, we contract out this part to a HSE specialist company Safety Services who are on hand 24/7 to make the company aware of any changes to the law and what we may need to do to comply. They are also available to answer any specific queries we may have involving any aspect of health and safety.


  • With the adaptation of internet systems, we are also available to do certain courses online without the need for classroom-based instruction i.e. the Asbestos Aware.


  • The general practice of our experienced engineers passing on their knowledge, especially to apprentices is vital and any employee seeing unsafe practices also have a duty to the company to stop and educate.


  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – ALL engineers are issued with a PPE pack. In this pack, we provide the relevant safety equipment required to complete the task set in the Risk Assessments. The pack is extensive and is regularly reviewed.
health and safety equipment

Equipment provided for engineers


  • Apprentices play a major part in the development/expansion of our company and we educate from day one of them joining the firm with a safety induction, to mould the new employee and show how we operate 100% safely.


  • Having the correct certificated equipment to complete a task that is detailed within the Risk and Method statement issued. This also includes their dynamic on site risk-assessment they will do on arrival at every site before a screwdriver is even taken out of their toolbox. Work that is not 100% safe will not be undertaken.


  • Toolbox Talks are a great way to deliver Health and Safety to our engineers. We operate a tool box talk at least once a month to ALL the engineers and have over 50 talks on file. These may be specific to what installation we may be working on. For example, mobile phone usage in vans is a hot topic now as it is a very current matter of public concern. We have a tool box talk specific to the hands-free usage in-line with company policy.


Airenvironmental operate a zero tolerance policy to any engineer found not working 100% safely in the workplace or in travelling to the workplace. For more information on our company policies, please Contact Us.


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