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Lindab Launch New Ventilation App


As part of A.E.L.’s ethos to keep moving forward with new technologies, streamlining our work to become more efficient and competitive in our market place, we are this year embracing the technological advancements of new, smart Apps in our ventilation department.


Lindab Ltd, the world’s biggest ventilation manufacturer, has just launched their new “Vent Tools” App to be used on tablets and smart phones.


vent tools ventialtion image

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The new App is an extremely useful tool to speed up the process of traditional, paper-based work allowing designers, contractors, engineers, both in office and field-based to access a wealth of knowledge at the touch of a screen.


The new technology allows the user to calculate the flow, velocity or diameter of a piece of ductwork; calculate the measurement of offset bends and ‘T’ pieces (invaluable when limited space is available on site), calculate the length of insulation to match the ductwork installation, plus many other critical features i.e. roof angle/air capacity/K values).


It’s not only Lindab who have been forward-thinking enough to launch a new app, but many manufactures have already released the importance of similar applications.


These new applications are an invaluable tool for everyone office and field-based, where a wealth of “real time,” current knowledge can be stored and called upon at any time.


Examples include:



It’s a mobile office and library in your pocket, and yet again we will embrace this technology to continually streamline our efficiency in our market place enabling us to bring the best possible service to our customers.


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To view the new App in iTunes, click HERE.

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