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Airenvironmental Ltd strive every day to look at, evaluate and improve any procedure we can through the best technologies as they become available. At present we operate Clik software as a proven, tried and tested system, to run all of our service, maintenance and installation engineers.


clik software for engineers

Clik: Paperless Engineers

Clik  is a-state-of-the-art online-based programme that has been proven as the best in our field of business year after year. The system enables all contracts to be monitored from the point of tender, through to order, assigning an engineer and all the way to commissioning and final billing; keeping the office and customer fully updated throughout on a real-time basis.


We have just taken another huge step forward in our continuing evolution as a company and have purchased the licenses and hardware to put our engineers on Clik Remote. This means that the job of the engineers is streamlined as they can easily update and access the information they need using an iPad, from anywhere.


Advantages of Clik:



  • Customers have a log-in page online that produces a link so they can access what date and time an engineer will call. Customers can also view the report on the visit and raise an order for an engineer to attend.


  • Engineers do not need to attend the office as a real-time diary will be sent to their iPads, showing when and where their next jobs are. This saves on fuel and prevents time wastages, increasing efficiency.


  • F-gas logs, job sheets (signed by the customer on completion) and dynamic RAM’s will now all be electronic and not in paper form. This eliminates our need for paper forms, which reduces our paper usage and takes us towards our goal of ultimately becoming a paperless office as we are environmentally focused.


  • Web-based real-time connections ensure that as soon as the job is finished and signed off by the customer that the office will receive all the electronic paperwork immediately. Unlike before when the office staff had to wait for the engineer to reach the office again to produce the necessary paperwork.


  • Clik remote has so many facets to aid communication between the office and the mobile engineer. The engineer can produce their own time sheets, job sheets and manage their diary no matter where they are.


Airenvironmental Ltd are committed to, wherever possible, exceeding our customers’ expectations by adapting any developing technologies and systems that become available to improve efficiency and performance.


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